Whitfield Urban Expansion – Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Whitfield Urban Expansion Supplementary Planning Document outlines the full details of the 20 year development plan for Whitfield. The plans for the expansion of Whitfield began in 2006 and initiated the formation of the Whitfield Action Group, who opposed such a large scale development of our village. The Action Group worked alongside the Parish Council who’s members attended the various consultations, meetings and workshops as part of the Masterplanning Process. The Whitfield Action Group also took part in the Government ‘Examination in Public’ of the South East Plan and of the District Core Strategy. While the fight to stop this expansion did not succeed, the Parish Council and Action Group were able to ensure that safeguards were built into the plans to minimise disruption to the local community, to have large green open spaces throughout the development, and to secure provision of Community and Social Infrastructure and upgrading of utilities and services.

We have since found out that these safeguards can be dispensed with and disregarded to save money and increase the financial viability for the developer, but the Parish Council continues to scrutinise all the subsequent planning applications and object when the proposals fall below the standard agreed in the SPD.

Supplementary Planning Document is a Very Large Document  (50 Mb), but can be found on the DDC Website   [  LINK  ]  

Map of development area  [ Link  ]