Whitfield’s Planning Applications

This web page contains details and documents of major planning applications which may have significant impact on Whitfield as a whole. The Parish Council policy on Planning is that the Quality of Life in Whitfield, Semi-Rural Character and Residential Amenity should be protected from over development, and must be accompanied by adequate and timely, provision of all the necessary Infrastructure, Services and Utilities to support any such development.

Whitfield has been designated by DDC’s Core Strategy to have major development of 5,750 new dwellings over the next 20 years or so, the details of which are contained within the Whitfield SPD  [  Link to Whitfield SPD  ] so it is important that the existing settlement is protected from over development. The Parish Council is generally opposed to infil and back garden development in the existing Village, although each application will be assessed on its own merit.

Dover District Council is the Local Authority who processes and Approves or Refuses Planning Permissions.

As Statutory Consultees, the Parish Council is informed of all applications within the Parish and the Parish Planning Committee meet once a month to discuss each application and send any comments they may have to DDC which is then taken into account by DDC’s Planning Department and Planning Committee when reaching a decision.

As well as discussing each application, the members of the Parish Council endeavour to visit any neighbours and nearby Residents who may be affected by an application to make them aware of the application and to tell them how to submit their own personal comment to DDC.

While the Parish Council encourage you to submit any comments you may have, the Council cannot become involved in individual cases.