Phase 2  Latest planning application – DOV/16/01389 – January 2017

Another Planning Application has been submitted by the Developer for Phase 2. The application is a repeat of previous applications and appeals with no substantial difference in the details. The Parish Council have responded with the following comments:

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Phase 2 planning application – February / June / December 2016 and appeal by developer in December 2016

Applications were made for phase 2 of the Whitfield Development in December 2015 and June 2016 under application Number DOV/15/01277. These applications were not decided by DDC resulting in the developer lodging an appeal in December 2016 for non determination of their application by the planning authority (DDC).

The Developer has also submitted a new application in December 2016 – application Number DOV/16/01389.

It is currently unclear why the application has been made as there is a twice submitted application and an appeal already in and awaiting determination.


The Parish Council have been assured that building work will not commence until Phase 1 is completed, which is likely to take at least 5 years.

The Parish Council have responded to  application DOV/15/01277 (below) and will update this page as and when more information becomes available. 



DDC planning website    [  Link  ]

Masterplan layout   [  Link  ]

Design and Access Statement (part 1)     [  Link  ]

Design and Access Statement (part 2)     [  Link  ]

Design and Access Statement (part 3)     [  Link  ]

Parish Council Response    [  Link  ]

June 2016  Whitfield Parish Council Response to:

No. 15/01277 – Outline Application (with all matters reserved) for Phase 2 of Whitfield Urban Extension, incorporating Parsonage Whitfield and Shepherd’s Cross Neighbourhoods and comprising up to 410 and 780 dwellings respectively in the form of 1-5 bedroomed two and part three storey accommodation together with green infrastructure including a minimum of 4.01 hectares of SAC mitigation land, cemetery, a spine access road and junctions connecting Archers Court Road with Sandwich Road, associated roads, footpaths and cycleways serving the individual residential areas, car parking and garaging and associated infrastructure. | Phase II – Whitfield Urban Expansion, Whitfield

Whitfield Parish Council object to this application.

Whitfield Parish Council note that this application has now been amended to an Outline Application since our last comments were made in February, rather than a planning
application as previously advertised.

In addition to previous comments, (sumitted in February 2016)

1. Whitfield Parish Council request that all reserved matters and delegated decisions are only considered after meaningful consultation with Whitfield Parish Council, with the opportunity for further comments and representations to be made on these matters.

2. Whitfield Parish Council request that all reserved matters decisions must not be delegated if there is any variation from the detail in the original application documents or DDC documents and policy that are available to the Planning Committee when the decision on this application is made. Any such decisions should not be delegated and must be returned to the Planning Committee for further consideration.

3. Whitfield Parish Council asks that the Planning Committee add a specific condition to this application that Construction Traffic must not use existing roads through the current Whitfield Settlement.

4. Whitfield Parish Council asks that the Planning Committee add a specific condition that all the requirements in the Whitfield SPD are adhered to and that any variation to those requirements are returned to Committee for consideration, after giving Whitfield Parish Council the opportunity to comment.

5. Whitfield Parish Council request that the detail of the Bus Gate position and operation and the matter of access to and from Archer’s Court Road is subject to separate consultation and discussion with the wider community.

The above requests are made in light of the fact that the Construction Traffic Management Plan for Phase 1 varied from the particulars of the Design and Access Statement and the requirements in the Whitfield SPD and Core Strategy and allowed Construction Traffic to use existing roads through the Village when the documents specifically stated that the Construction Traffic must access the site from the A256 bypass after the junction’s construction.

Detail of variation from existing application and DDC Policy on Construction Traffic access:

a) The April 2015 Phase 1 Outline Application Design and Access Statement 5.2 Design Principles – Summary of Approach stated: ” …No new development, with the exception of some limited facilities which are to be developed early in the new district centre to the north of Sandwich Road, Is to use the existing roads which link to the Whitfield roundabout….” and the Core Design Principles stated: “A new access will be created off the A256 to serve the development. All new development, except the new district centre to the north of Sandwich Road, will be served off the new access and new development will not take place until the infrastructure is in place;”

b) SPD table 5.3 – Construction Access and Routes, clearly stated: “Access Point: A256 new site access junction”; Prerequisite Infrastructure Requirement of: “Provision of new A256 junction prior to start of construction of site; and Description: “Access via the new A256 junction will help mitigate construction traffic impact on existing residents and upon the local road network with access routeing constrained to principal highway routes”.

c) SPD paragraph 6.16 stated: “The Concept Masterplan has been designed with a view to minimising potential disruption to the existing community during the construction period. In many areas green infrastructure provides an intervening public space and traffic access arrangements are largely based upon the creation of new access points from the surrounding road network and minimising usage of existing roads within Whitfield. Construction traffic will be expected to use the proposed new accesses and avoid passing through the existing settlement”.

d) Core Strategy Policy CP 11 (iv) stated: ” An access and transport strategy is developed …. and identifies construction access arrangements that do not disrupt existing residents;”
Whitfield’s Residents did not want the Urban Expansion of Whitfield, but the Parish Council and Action Group worked with Dover District Council and the developers and the resultant Supplementary Planning Document at least gave the Residents the assurance that the Village would not be blighted by the development. This protected the Residents from the effects from the development’s activities.

The Residents of Whitfield are outraged that the promises and reassurances given to all Residents and Community Representatives throughout the Masterplanning and Consultation processes by DDC representatives and the Developers themselves are now worthless and are being ignored.

Summary of previous objection in February 2016:

Whitfield Parish Council Object to this application due to the lack of detail that should accompany a full application (see requirements of appendix 5 of the WUE SPD). This application must only be considered as an outline application with the full application and reserved matters being considered, with meaningful Public Consultation, at a later date when more detail is available.

As an outline application, Whitfield Parish Council understand that it likely to be accepted by DDC Planning Committee Members as it is in accordance with the WUE SPD, although the Parish Council still have major concerns about the extent of the overall development plans for Whitfield and the lack of provision for social and community infrastructure and services, and that such large-scale development remains to be contrary to the wishes of the majority of Whitfield Residents.

Whitfield Parish Council also understand and accept the Developer’s reasoning for lodging an Outline Application at this time, as it is also important for both the Parish and the District to consider these issues well in advance to comment on and to ensure continuity and future understanding of the development’s progression. 

The reasoning behind early application being:

•    to secure the future delivery of the site which in turn will support DDC’s local plan;
•    to secure future delivery of the BRT links around Whitfield with the spine road position being set in the Outline proposals and;
•    to enable utility providers ample time to procure workable solutions to the future capacities required in the SPD area and existing Whitfield as a whole

Whitfield Parish Council would ask, therefore, that this application is treated as an outline application and that the following conditions are made, if the Planning Committee decision is to approve the application:

1.    That paragraph 1.2 of the Design and Access Statement (DAS) is amended to accurately quote paragraph 1.7 of the Whitfield SPD that the Vision for Whitfield is “A Cluster of Connected Neighbourhoods” and not cluster of villages as stated in the DAS

It is important that Whitfield is considered as a single settlement with various neighbourhoods and not as separate villages.

2.    That no construction on Phase 2 can come forward until the Phase 1 development is substantially complete as per the requirements of the Whitfield Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

3.    That detailed consultation is carried out with the Parish Council and local stakeholders regarding traffic control measures at the Archer’s Court Road / Spine Road Junction.
This junction should be a restricted access junction. The priority must be given to minimising extra traffic on Archer’s Court Road from the new development whilst maintaining existing access for current Residents onto the local secondary road network from within the Village, for example, journeys to and from Church Whitfield, Pineham, Guston Langdon, Sutton, Ripple and beyond.

4.    Arrangements for monitoring and management of traffic are inadequate and lacking in the necessary detail to ensure safeguards to control and mitigate increased traffic volume that will be generated from the built development and during construction. 

Much of the detail and commitment for proper control and monitoring of the increased traffic that was an integral part of the Masterplanning process is missing from this application. It does not contain requirements for Transport Infrastructure Contributions, Transport Management Fund, Vehicle Monitoring Scheme, Traffic Management Plan, or Transport Coordinator that were features of the earlier Masterplanning process in the SPD Consultation Draft and the earlier Pre-Publication Copy – V2 (ref RA/5435) – both dated October 2010.
This application should not be approved without commitment to proper transport measures and an effective Traffic Management Scheme. 

5.    Whitfield Parish Council support extension of the existing bus routes to serve the new development. Provision should be included in the Heads of Terms for the Section 106 Agreements. 

Bus stops should include Bus Shelters, which encourage use of the service in inclement weather.

6.    Safeguards for existing Public Rights of Way and creation of new PROW must be made as a condition of this application. 

7.    The agreement for Green Infrastructure land to be safeguarded for public use in perpetuity should be contained within and approved as part of this application. 
Green Infrastructure, Sports and Recreation facilities, Cemetery, Allotments and Public Realm features management and maintenance provision should be considered as early as possible so that all options, including adoption by the Parish Council can be considered in a timely manner. 

8.    The Sports facilities contribution to be paid to the Council should be used within Whitfield and not used for off-site provision elsewhere in the District.

9.    Any contribution towards the Health and Social Care Centre in the Village Centre must result in the centre being built and services being provided from the Centre, rather than an empty plot of land being donated by the developer for future use at an undetermined time.

The rapid growth in the population of Whitfield necessitates immediate provision of Health and Social Care Services, which are currently at capacity. 

10.    Provision of community and social infrastructure must be made within Whitfield. 

11.    The full 30% affordable housing contribution, as required in the Affordable Housing SPD, must be made either to provide on-site affordable housing or to finance DDC providing this housing elsewhere in the District. Phase 1 has been approved with no affordable housing contributions from the developer – a loss of 420 affordable homes to the District: This must not be replicated in Phase 2.

Additional Reserved Matters

It is expected that there will be an extensive list of matters that will be reserved. These matters which directly affect the Parish and existing Residents of Whitfield must be consulted on and the Parish Council must be given the opportunity to comment. 

The list of these matters will be similar to those from the Phase 1 outline application, which are listed below, as matters that will also need to be considered prior to construction commencing on Phase 2. 

  1. Layout, external appearance, siting, scale, form, type and related topographical details
  2. Detailed section drawings and street scenes

  3. Green Infrastructure provision – to require details of landscaping, open space, play space, bio-diversity enhancement, SAC mitigation, SUDs, Swales – including detailed timetable for implementation.

  4. Structural landscaping to safeguard residential amenity including details of timing of planting, species and maturity of species at the time of planting.

  5. Details and provision of sports facilities – including lighting, supporting facilities (changing rooms) management, maintenance and timing of implementation – also see phasing condition.

  6. Community Use Scheme for the playing pitches within the primary school

  7. Management and maintenance details for open space – including a detailed public realm management plan, including timing of implementation – also see phasing condition, may be legal agreement matter.

  8. Details of all highway works (on and off-site) and all traffic management

  9. Construction Management Plan (see SPD 5.30 and table 5.3) including construction vehicle routing, siting of construction improvements and details of a monitoring regime.

  10. Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) and/or Code of Construction Practice (CoCP) including measures for dust control and assessment of vibration levels should the development involve piling (see SPD 6.17), including details of a monitoring regime.

  11. Noise mitigation measures during construction and occupation

  12. Detailed assessment of and mitigation for potential light pollution arising from the development, in support of the detailed layout proposals and detailed topographical survey of the site.

  13. Construction noise assessment report including details of the proposed construction scheduling, plant list and mitigation measures/techniques.

  14. Limit hours during which construction works are permitted.

  15. Parking and associated details

  16. Travel plan details

  17. Utilities provision details, including details of the proposed means of foul and surface water disposal.

  18. Surface Water drainage scheme, based on sustainable drainage principles, including management and maintenance.

  19. Sustainable construction details

  20. Waste Management strategy, including provisions for recycling (for construction phase and occupation)

  21. Renewable energy measures

  22. A phasing plan and programme of development with particular attention to the timely provision of the primary school (including early years learning or nursery provision), sports facilities, SUDS, landscaping, highway works and sustainable energy facilities

  23. Monitoring measures – which would help monitor the success of the scheme

  24. Submission of a Design Code

  25. Programme of archaeological work to be undertaken and the results submitted as part of the reserved matters application, including details for provision of finds being featured in the village centre.

  26. Details of construction employment opportunities

  27. A detailed topographical survey of the application site

  28. Ground contamination investigation report and risk assessment, including mitigation