PCSO Report Sept 2017

PCSO Jacqui Brook Liaison Report to 02/10/2017

Reports received of nuisance youths messing around with traffic cones in Sandwich Road and later Archers Court Road.

Incident of throwing eggs at a residential property reported.

An incident of vandalism along Archers Court Road, a bird bath was overturned and broken.

Reports of youths gathering in garages that are scheduled for demolition in Khartoum Square.

An incident of theft from a vehicle in Singledge Lane, a window was smashed and attempts were made to remove a wing mirror and wheels, including the spare.

Information from other Crime Prevention sources has brought the following matter to the attention of the Clerk:

On 4th September a vehicle was stolen from a car park in Napchester Road between the hours of 23.15 and 23.20.

On 13th / 14th September between the hours of noon and noon, there was a report of attempted break in to a property in Beauxfield.  A window was smashed in the conservatory at the rear of the property.

On 14th September between the hours of 13.00 and 17.30 there was a report of attempted burglary to a property in Kinson Way.  No entry was gained and no items were stolen.

Advice remains that if you see anything suspicious, be it a person, group of individuals or vehicle, please report it to 101 in a non-emergency situation or 999 if an emergency. More information supplied by Jacqui regarding the reporting of suspicious persons can be found on the Parish Council website (www.whitfieldpc.kentparishes.gov.uk)

Other crime prevention advice includes keeping your doors and windows locked at all times, even when you are in the house.

Don’t leave empty boxes on display outside. Discarded packaging advertises all the new goods you have indoors.

Don’t leave car keys and handbags lying around on display or near to windows and doors for prying eyes to see.

Make it look like someone is at home when you are going out for the evening. Leave lights on and close the curtains.  If you have a burglar alarm, set it.

If you are going on holiday, ask a friend, relative or neighbour to keep an eye on your house.

Don’t advertise your property on social media sites as this could attract unwanted attention.

Please make police aware of any incidents. In most cases they will be able to increase patrols in the vicinity to act as a deterrent.  The police can only deal with problems if they are aware of them.

As always Jacqui is happy to call on individuals to give further Crime Prevention Advice.

The next PCSO Whitfield Parish Surgery is due to take place on Thursday 16th October 2017, between 10am and 11am at the Farmers Market in the Village Hall.