Whitfield Parish Councillors

Whitfield Parish Council has 14 seats. There are no wards within the Parish so all members serve the whole community and would be happy to assist with any issues you may have. If they cannot help they will know who to ask or where to go for further advice. Councillors can be contacted through the Parish Clerk by phone, email or post.

Your Parish Councillors are:

Councillor Jeff Goodsell   (Chairman)

Councillor Mrs Wendy Bowman   (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Mrs Natasha Bass

Councillor Geoff Cole

Councillor Miss Carol Coleman

Councillor David Ditcher

Councillor Keith Gowland

Councillor Tony Lamont

Councillor Mrs Carrol Moore

Councillor Mrs Deborah O’Byrne

Councilllor Sal Rashid

Councillor Roger Simcock

If you are interested in serving on the Parish Council please contact the Parish Clerk.

The main functions of the Parish Council are to; Provide a public forum whereby Members may ask questions on matters relevant to the Council’s functions and to bring forward matters for debate; Receive reports and to adopt or otherwise deal with the recommendations from all Committees, Sub-Committees, Working Groups and Members providing opportunity for questions and comments from Members; and to determine the major policy decisions and objectives of the Parish Council and their priority.

Committee Membership & Appointments to Outside Bodies

The Parish Council has two committees that meet each month – Planning,  and Recreation & Amenities. The Finance Committee meets twice a year, or more often if necessary. A Portfolio Holder and Working Group are appointed to oversee Highways & Transport issues

Meeting dates are displayed on the Council Notice Boards. All Councillors serve on at least one committee. The membership and area of responsibility for each committee is set out below:

Finance Committee

Councillor J Goodsell (Chairman)

Councillor Councillor Mrs Wendy Bowman

Councillor K Gowland

The Finance Committee looks after the Council’s financial matters including accounting, audit, financial risk management and management of the Council’s administration and capital expenditure. It also deals with personnel and legal issues.

Planning Committee

Councillor J Goodsell (Chairman)

Councillor Mrs W Bowman

Councillor G Cole

Councillor K Gowland

Councillor A Lamont

Councillor Mrs C Moore

Councillor S Rashid

This Committee is responsible for exercising the Parish Council’s right under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to be notified and comment on planning applications affecting the Whitfield area. It considers and makes recommendations on consultations relating to Local, Regional and Structure plans and issues concerning longer term future plans for the Council and the village.

Recreation & Amenities Committee

Councillor  K Gowland (Chairman)

Councillor Mrs N Bass

Councillor G Cole

Councillor Miss C Coleman

Councillor D Ditcher

Councillor J Goodsell

Councillor R Simcock

The Recreation and Amenities Committee deals with all issues relating to land and premises management and Health and Safety issues such as play and sports equipment maintenance and risk assessment. It deals with the use, maintenance and development of the Recreation Ground and Pavilion, including letting to outside bodies.

The Committee also exercises the powers and duties of the Council on road, footpath and transportation matters, including; road signs and signposting; street lighting; public transport issues (i.e. services, bus shelters etc); public rights of way, footpaths and bridleways; grit bin provision; also and deals with tree and horticultural issues (except Tree Preservation Orders, which are dealt with by the Housing and Planning Committee).

Highways & Transport Working Group

Councillor K Gowland (Portfolio Holder)


Councillor T Lamont

Councillor R Simcock

The Highways & Transport Working Group; Oversee Highways and Transport budget and expenditure; Deal with the various Highways and Transport issues as they arise; Liaise with the relevant agencies on behalf of the Parish Council; Monitor and respond to any consultations; and delegate tasks to members of the Highways & Transport Working Group, as required.

The Parish Council also has representation on a number of local organisations:

Dover Police Forum

Councillor K Gowland


Kent Association of Local Councils (KALC) Dover Area

Councillor K Gowland

Councillor J Goodsell


Whitfield Village Hall Management Committee

Councillor Mrs C Moore

Councillor R Simcock

Hill at the Heart – Kent Wildlife Trust

Councillor A Lamont

Neigbourhood Watch