Second Lorry Parking Planning Application  – DOV/18/00201

Lorry Parking Planning Application  – DOV/18/00201

A second Planning Application has been received by Dover District Council from Mattheeuws Transport Ltd for the Land SW of Palmeston Road, Port Zone, White Cliffs Business Park, Dover, CT16 2HQ

This application is for the current operator to open up part of the site for the use of their own vehicles only – 59 spaces – rather than a repeat of the last application to open up all the land for a 300 vehicle lorry park for public use.

The plans that were submitted with this application show that only a quarter of the original land is proposed for parking lorries. While this may be seen as a tactic to eventually be followed by subsequent application to open up the whole site as a general use lorry park, each application has to be has to be assessed on its own merits and can only be objected to on material grounds. As this application is for the current user’s own lorries and is in an area away from Residential dwellings, some of the objections raised to the original application may not be considered by DDC whilst other objections; due to the increased environmental and Residential disturbance from the site; and increasing traffic congestion in the area still apply and should be taken fully into account.

The Parish Council will monitor the situation to ensure any later amendments and additions are properly scrutinised.