Lorry Park Planning Application

An application for a 300 vehicle lorry park in Palmerston Road, Whitfield has been received by DDC.

18th July 2017 – Reasons for withdrawal of the application

Dover District Council have revealed that the Reasons for the withdrawal of the application for the Lorry Park were that the application was invalid until the required information has been submitted by the applicant.

All comments received so far have been added and when the new information is received the application will be re-advertised and there will be another period of public consultation.

The information outstanding is:

  • A Design and Access Statement – basic requirement of all major applications;

  • A Detailed Planning Statement (This should relate to local and national policies and how the proposal complies as appropriate, details of how the facilities will operate also need to be outlined in more detail, the existing statement is not sufficient to support an application of this significance);

  • Is lighting proposed, type, location, impact on the wider environment?

  • Are the existing truck stop facilities sufficient to accommodate 300 additional drivers, are there on-site toilet facilities, how will the sites operate together?

  • How will the site be managed and controlled? etc.

  • Cross sections through the site (these should show the relationship with adjoining land and the changes in ground levels proposed in particular the relationship with the adjoining local wildlife site and the changes in levels at this point);

  • Flood Risk Assessment – basic requirement of all major applications;

  • Proposed Surface Water Drainage Statement (The site is within a Groundwater Source Protection Zone and Water Gathering Zone and therefore the impact on groundwater and measures to prevent pollution are required, in addition the site is situated at the top of a hill so the implications of drainage could be significant); and,

  • Statement of Community Involvement (This should identify a formal consultation process with the local community and nearby residential properties);

10th July 2017 – Planning application withdrawn !!!

News has reached the Parish Council that the planning application has been withdrawn by the applicant – probably due to the number of objections to the plan. It is highly likely that the applicant will try to address some of the main grounds for objection and re-submit the application at a later date.

[  Parish objection  ]

June 2017 – Application submitted.

Application Number:  DOV/16/01472  Change of use of land to a lorry parking facility: Land to Southwest of Palmerston Road, Whitfield, CT16 2HQ

The consultation period has begun. All objections and other comments should be sent to DDC in the normal way.

Planning Dept email: developmentcontrol@dover.gov.uk

Telephone: 01304 872486 – For enquiries only – comments need to be sent in by email or letter and should include your name and address

Letters to: Planning Department, Dover District Council, White Cliffs Business Park, Dover CT16 3PJ

[ LINK to DDC planning website ]

[ LINK to Planning Statement ]

[ LINK to Transport Assessment ]

The Parish Council is working on an objection on the grounds of:

  • Disturbance and loss of amenity a lorry park will cause to nearby Residents; 
  • The increase in traffic volume in the local area, especially on the Whitfield Roundabout and the feeder roads; 
  • The loss of potential employment opportunities to the local area; 
  • The effects on the local natural environment, flora and fauna.

Many of the affected Residents from Old Park Hill, Elysium Park, Friars Way and the Whitfield Area have already sent in their objections to DDC.