Proposed Lidl Foodstore – Honeywood Parkway Dover

The Parish Council was made aware of the Proposed Lidl Foodstore on Honeywood Parkway in July 2016. 

The Parish Council supports the application and have made the following comments to DDC:

September 2016.

Whitfield Parish Council support application DOV/16/00976 for the erection of a retail store on the White Cliffs Business Park and consider that the local employment opportunities and additional retail capacity will be of benefit to the local community.

The Parish Council has concerns about the additional traffic that this store will generate in the area, especially on the A2 Whitfield Roundabout. Congestion at the A2 Whitfield Roundabout with traffic queues from Sandwich Road, Whitfield Hill and Honeywood Road and at the Tesco roundabout is increasing, with a marked recent increase since the opening of the new retail stores (B&M, Kentucky, etc). The additional traffic for a new Lidl foodstore, local housing development and possible Leisure Centre, will add to this ongoing problem.

Whitfield Parish Council ask that the traffic management mitigation measures are reviewed with planned improvements, that are part of the Whitfield SPD, being brought forward to address the extra traffic that was not part of the modelling carried out for the Whitfield SPD in 2009/10.

Whitfield Parish Council also requests that the current Bus Services that serves the Tesco Store are extended to also serve the Lidl store.


An information letter was sent out by Lidl for a consultation event at St Mary’s Parish Centre, which many people attended.

This development will have a significant affect on our local community, especially in light of the fact that the area is currently being developed under the Whitfield Urban Expansion Supplementary Planning Document and that the proposal is for change of use from Business / Industrial / Distribution to A1 Retail.

As there will inevitably be a lot of local interest, we have asked for more information and an assurance that the Parish Council is properly consulted about the detailed plans and proposals.

We will keep you up to date with any more information that is made available to us.