Geoff Lymer Newsletter from KCC

Newsletter from your KCC Councillor Geoff Lymer Hello Everyone, Happy New Year ‘New Year, New You’ is the national campaign now underway with support in Kent to raise awareness of key lifestyle behaviours – such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, inactivity and unhealthy eating – their effect on people’s health and the support available. […]

Reporting problems with Roads, Pavements and Footpaths

The Parish Council is receiving increased contact from residents to report problems on Roads, Pavements and Public Footpaths, such as pot-holes, street lamp faults, overgrown footpaths and requests for tree trimming at various locations within the village. The Parish Council does not have responsibility for the maintenance of Public Rights of Way, footpaths or roads in the […]

Overgrown Hedges

The Parish Council frequently have complaints passed on to us about overgrown hedges obstructing Pavements and Public Footpaths, around the Village. The Parish Council are not responsible for such maintenance issues, but we would like to ask all Residents in Whitfield to check their hedges and other shrubs to make sure that they are not […]

KCC responds to government consultation into non-hydraulic fracturing

November Newsletter from KCC Councillor Geoff Lymer: Plans to remove the need for planning permission to explore for shale gas and to make production proposals, for the government to determine, have been rejected by Kent County Council. KCC has recently responded to two government consultations as to whether to allow non-hydraulic fracturing exploration under Permitted Development […]