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Lorry Park Planning Application

Following the withdrawal of the application for the Lorry Park that has been deemed invalid until the required information is submitted by the applicant, a Public exhibition has been held by the applicant. Information from the exhibition will be available on this website, once the Parish Council have obtained the details.

There is likely to be a further application made during the next few months.

The application will be re-advertised and there will be another period of public consultation.

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[   Parish Council’s Objection  ]

The Parish Council objections are on the grounds of: Disturbance and loss of amenity a lorry park will cause to nearby Residents; The increase in traffic volume in the local area, especially on the Whitfield Roundabout and the feeder roads; The loss of potential employment opportunities to the local area; The effects on the local natural environment, flora and fauna.

Many of the affected Residents from Old Park Hill, Elysium Park, Friars Way and the Whitfield Area have sent in their objections to DDC.

Planning Application refused for 100 houses on Singledge Lane DOV-17-00546

2nd November 2017 update:

DDC’s Planning Committee turned down the application for this development on the grounds that it adequate Infrastructure is not part of the application, so does not comply with the requirements of the Whitfield Supplementary Planning Document.



Permission refused for development of 28 Houses behind 14 Archer’s Court Road 

2nd Novenber 2017 update:

DDC’s Planning Committee turned down the application for this development on the grounds that it is use of land which has been designated as an open space in the Local Development Plan.

The Decision, The proposal has failed to demonstrate that the provision of public open space on-site would provide an equivalent community benefit compared to the existing open-space provision that would be lost, contrary to policy DM25 of the Dover District Core Strategy 2010 and paragraphs 70 and 74 of the National Planning Policy Framework”.

Parish Councillor Jeff Goodsell and District Councillor Jim Back both spoke against the application on the grounds that the site is unsuitable for any development because of; the Open Space Status; the loss of over 50 healthy trees across the site; loss of the site’s biodiversity; part of the site is safeguarded for future road improvements to the A2; the noise on the site exceeds planning and World Health Organisation recommendations; loss of Residential amenity; and the over development of the existing village of Whitfield, especially in light of the fact that there is permission for 5750 new houses surrounding the village.
This development had already been refused permission on a number of occasions, all of which were upheld on appeal. No doubt the developer will be assessing the situation and may well put in an appeal and further applications…

Archer’s Court Road Single Yellow Lines Consultation update – October 2017

Kent County Council will be re-issuing the Consultation documents in respect of the Archers Court Road Traffic Regulation Order due to a slight administration error in the paperwork. The closing date following the re-issue will be 16th October 2017.     

The Single Yellow Line parking restrictions on Archer’s Court Road, with the 50m gaps and restriction times, were installed as a temporary traffic order by the Developer and DDC, during the use of the road by construction traffic .

The Parish Council were asked to apply for the temporary order made by DDC and the Developer to be made permanent as far as the junction with Cranleigh Drive. 

(The Parish Council consultation was completed in January 2017 and the application sent in to KCC, along with all the comments and objections received from Residents).

Parish Consultation detail Links:  [  Letter to Residents  ] [  Map  ][  Public Notice  ]

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